We have a girl, SOPHIE HELEN HYNES

IMG_3071 We went back to the doctor for monthly check up yesterday, oh yach..I am at my 24 to 25 weeks pregnancy.

So excited, it’s suppose to be the day we found out 100% about baby gender, if we lucky…knowing my baby, love hiding and somersaulting.

It was about 6 pm, when we finally meet the doctor, little chatty chat about what i felt in a month and then get ready for USG.

Talking about USG, this clinic only has 2D USG which is only God know how the doctor translate blurry picture on screen imagebecame our little baby..I guess year of year studying make you know little line are baby girl labia…WHAT? yes we had baby girl.

A month ago, the doctor not sure what the baby gender is, 2D USG or 4D ultrasounds has no luck searching. and now……..a girls..baby girl…

Sophie weight now is 730g (just a hair over 1.6 pounds if you’re Imperial, healthy and in the right position.

I am happy either boy or girl but baby girl — make me giggling, imagine we walk together to the mall, salon, talking about boy, reading same book, driving around, discuss about cloths and dinner, slumber party…oh my my…love it!my forever friend, indeed.

They you go Sophie, mum’s and dada are 100% ready for you girl…xxx

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  1. Hi Monas,
    hehe, kalau bilang mau kasih kado apa hayo?!
    we all good – thanks, how’s life there?

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