Kehamilan Saya

Long story sort — not complete week by week but I guess it will show enough how my pregnancy going. Every single day it different things and I enjoy every minutes.

7 weeksStest packtart with this one on February 17’2008 — 7 weeks and 1 day.

Happy as Larry, thrilled and surprise, I though I just said it last week that I want have a baby and now I am pregnant.

Does not feeling any different, just the constipation (sorry) and moody.

Picture took at Kasih Ibu Hospital, minutes after we got 100% confirmation of our pregnancy.

10 weeks

10 weeks

The only food craving i had is SOTO GADING, and my dad manage to ship it from Solo via Garuda Airlines,… I found it hilarious, but I enjoy it.

Everything else no much different, no morning sickness, well not bad one, just accasionlay, moody still…

12 weeks

12 weeks

My tum start show up bit. Headache every now and then, nothing crazy and I feel great.


16 weeks 16 weeks

The only crisis is my skin problem. My chic full of acne, bad one and when they dry it’s became dark spot.



20 weeks 20 weeks

I feel so beautiful..heheh.




30 weeks 30 weeks

I am huge, weight now about 55 kg from my lady weight heheh, I gain about 12 kg.

it’s feel heavy now, and walk like a duck.

Cant wait to see our little girl.

34 weeks34 weeks

I feel really pregnant..hahahah. bit headache time to time, skin getting better (thank you Sophie).

Sophie’s room and everything else are ready, cant wait to see her in next 4 weeks, please God,I dont want wait for 6 weeks, heheh.

36 weeks 36 Weeks

Hippie, now we are ready to count down. I am run out energy so quick this day, bathing is amazing it help me forget the weigh..

Doctor had checked my pelvic (oooooo not nice view) and said it’s good – Please God.

Now I have to prepare my self to get stronger.

27 weeks

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